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After launching Xiaomi Redmi Note 1S who have first hit, not long ago a Chinese origin producers have launched a new product called Xiaomi Redmi Note 1W. The issue price for smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 1W is quite affordable with quality qualified and certainly will be more awesome than its predecessor.

Specifications of the products offered by Xiaomi has indeed no doubt, moreover, Chinese products is not shy – shy membanderol prices relatively cheap. Although the rates are quite affordable, however for quality Redmi first Note This can not be considered trivial.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 1W

A sophisticated camera
Xiaomi often known as manufacturer of smartphone with sufficient high-quality cameras, cameras that are provided in this Note Redmi Xiaomi capacity 13 MP camera back. The front part has a capacity for 5 MP. High resolution camera Xiaomi Redmi Note is capable of presenting a clear image, more over is equipped with an LED flash lights on the main camera

Long-life battery

Battery capacity large enough to achieve 3200 mAh battery able to save up to a day, certainly very suitable for you guys who love to play games on Smartphones. Furthermore, in the period of charger mobile is definitively not take quite a long time, that’s what characterizes this Xiaomi brand.

RAM that big

Equipped with 2 GB of Ram, Xiaomi Redmi Note 1 strongly support for different types of games and applications. The capacity of ram that is big is very stable and able to make Redmi  Note Xiaomi more faster.


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