I can Restore a Missing Android IMEI, yeee :)

In Android

Easy way to restore lost IMEI number in android, which in many cases Cause of loss of IMEI in android in general caused after finished doing Flash and after doing Hard Reset / Factory Reset or after doing Root in android.

IMEI android lost is often experienced by android smartphone users who use Mediatek-based chipsets, Sometimes things we do not expect in flashing ROM can happen like IMEI or IMEI invalid loss. If the android lost IMEI result android can not signal or experience SOS network and of course the user can not make phone calls, SMS and Internetan. So IMEI function in Android is very important.

android IMEI loss

IMEI numbers are unique and IMEI numbers will not be the same as other phones. If you are experiencing the loss of IMEI in android, Here below how to restore IMEI caused by flashing or loss of IMEI jarna jarna other things.

Requirements to restore IMEI lost on android.

  • Android has been on ROOT (in some cases Android does not need to be rooted), Previously we never return an invalid IMEI in OPPO Joy R1001 tana must be on ROOT
  • Download MTK Engineering Mode Here or directly from Google Play, and you can try to access Enter to EngineerMode by dial press * # * # 3646633 # * # *
  • Next after you download and Install on android then open MTK Engineering Mode application on Android that experienced IMEI Invalid
  • Select the MTK Settings menu
  • Next will appear the image as shown below. On the “Connectivity” menu. Select “CDS Information
  • Next Then select “Radio Information”. Then the display will appear like the image below.
  • In the yellow box in the picture above. Add AT + to AT + EGMR = 1,7, “ISI IMEI SIM1 HERE”.
  • For example if your imei 1234567898 then its contents would be like this AT + EGMR = 1.7, “1234567898”. Next Click SEND AT COMMAND, If you succeed then will appear notification AT command is sent.
  • If your phone is dual sim (card 2 sim card) For code Command code like this AT + EGMR = 1.10, “ISI IMEI SIM2 HERE” So it will be like this “AT + EGMR = 1,10,” 1234567899 “Next Click SEND AT COMMAND, If you succeed it will show AT command notification is sent.
  • Next Restart your Android
  • After your Android turns on, Please check your Android IMEI by press * # 06 #. Then your Ajdroid IMEI will appear or by referring your android Information to your phone settings by going to Settings Menu> see About Phone> Info.
  • Done

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