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09 Feb 2018

Top informations about Iphone 7 Vs 8 Review

iPhone 8 to have wireless charging, but you may have to buy the ...
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1). iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Should you upgrade? | Trusted Reviews

If you were expecting Apple to replace the Iphone 7 with the Iphone 7S, then think again. At a special event in Cupertino, Apple unveiled the Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus, the successors to the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus...., Apple played it safe with the Iphone 7 last year, deciding to keep the overall form-factor and size the same as both the Iphone 6S and 6.And again this time around there isnt a whole lot different  all the big changes seem to have gone into the..., Apple introduced an IP67 water-resistance rating with the Iphone 7, and its good to see that thats still here, but the Iphone and Iphone 8 Plus still both lack a headphone jack. To combat this Apple includes both a Lightning-to-3.5mm dongle and a... Click to Read More

Apple iPhone 8 Plus review, camera, performance, price in India ... | Best image of Iphone 7 Vs 8 Review

Best Image and Ilustration about Iphone 7 Vs 8 Review - Apple iPhone 8 Plus review, camera, performance, price in India ....

2). iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 comparison review - Macworld UK

While the Iphone X is a fairly radical redesign, broadly speaking the Iphone 8 has the same chassis design as the Iphone 7 - and the Iphone 6s and 6 before it. It's a three-year-old design: a classic, but one that's starting to show its age...., However, a few tweaks have been added over the years, and this year's tweak may be the most significant: the Iphone 8 features a glass front and back, which means it's compatible with wireless charging accessories. It also gives the smartphone a more..., Apple claims the glass is custom-made with a "50 percent deeper strengthening layer", and points to the introduction of a steel substructure alongside the 7000 Series aluminium band to provide extra frame reinforcement. But subjectively it seems undeniable... Click to Read More

3). Perlukah Kamu Beralih dari iPhone 7 ke iPhone 8? - Tekno, Jakarta - Apple resmi memperkenalkan tiga varian Iphone terbaru, yaitu Iphone 8 , Iphone 8 Plus, dan Iphone X. Dalam presentasinya di Apple Park Campus, Cupertino, California, Amerika Serikat (AS), raksasa teknologi itu menjelaskan kelebihan..., Meskipun Iphone X sukses mencuri perhatian dunia dengan fitur dan desain baru, ada topik yang tidak kalah menarik. Hal itu adalah kemiripan dari model Iphone 7 dengan Iphone 8. Seperti yang diketahui, Apple menghadirkan Iphone 8 dan Iphone 8 Plus...., Dua varian ini mematahkan rumor yang mengatakan bahwa seri ini bernama Iphone 7s dan 7s Plus. Dengan hadirnya duo Iphone 8, apakah pengguna Iphone 7 dan 7 Plus perlu beralih?... Click to Read More

4). iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 specs comparison

THE Iphone 8 has now landed and, unlike many had expected, arrives as an incremental update to last year's Iphone 7 ...., It does have some new bits and bobs, though, including a new processor, upgraded camera and a longer lasting battery, according to Apple...., We've put together a round-up of the key specs to see how the Iphone 8 compares with its Iphone 7 predecessor, so you can decide for yourself if upgrading from the latter to new handset is worth the trouble.... Click to Read More

5). iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Which One's Right For You?

Apple's calling the new Iphone X the greatest smartphone it's ever made, and while we're impressed with what we've seen of the phone thus far, it also happens to be the most expensive Iphone ever at $999. Based on our Iphone X Review , though, this phone..., But what if that Super Retina OLED display and depth-sensing camera are too rich for you? The Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus pack a lot of the same goodies starting at $699 and $799. The Iphone 7 isn't going away, either  and it's now $100 cheaper than..., The Iphone X's revolutionary (for Apple) new look drops the home-button and its bezels, except for that tiny cutout for its front-facing cameras. While this is an attractive aesthetic that follows the industry patterns in turning the smartphone into one... Click to Read More