Easy way to Bypass Google Account FRP Lenovo A2010

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Factory reset protection or better known as a locked google account, occurs when android users do a hard reset without deleting google account first. Already several times I made a tutorial to bypass android with google account is locked, unfortunately its although the same problem but the solution is different because android default mobile phone vendors are also different features.

For those who like free way with googling capital without the hassle to buy box flasher and others, FRP way through there is always a way to find the gap, even though it is a famous samsung brand complicated to unlock its FRP.
Here I give a tutorial to bypass FRP Lenovo A2010 series.

What needs to be prepared is
1. Yahoo Email is still Active
2. Google email is active as well

Easy way to Bypass Google Account FRP Lenovo A2010

Easy way to Bypass Google Account FRP Lenovo A2010

The step is:

1. Position the phone in google account login conditions, then click write email

2. Will appear Keyboard then press and hold on symbol “@” will automatically go to google keyboard setting

3. At the top right there are three dots then select about google keyboard

4. Will appear menu then select Open Sourche licenses, will appear a lot of writing or text

5. Press and hold on the text / writing it, just choose one word (block)

6. Will appear many share menu, then select gmail (gmail logo)

7. Click next and select done, then select add email address, Then select personal then next, here we fill in yahoo email that has been prepared earlier.

8. Enter yahoo email and password, then login / sign, agree / agree, and next

9. Then select / click “take me to gmail / take me to gmail”

10. See the top corner there is a dot then select GOVERNOR ACCOUNT – CONTINUE

11. Go to settings – SELECT ABOUT PHONE

12. Scroll down to select Build number – tap a few times until it appears you have become a developer

13. Then go back to the settings menu and go to the developer options menu

14. select on Unlock OEM key

15. Go back to settings menu – choose back up and reset

16. then select factory data reset

17. After loading hp will return like all


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