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Anorexia Nervosa - Exams and Tests
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There is no single test that can diagnose anorexia . But this illness has a visible effect on your health and eating habits.
If your doctor thinks that you may have an eating disorder , he or she will check you for signs of malnutrition or starvation. Your doctor may also ask questions about your mental well-being. It is common for a treatable mental health problem (such as depression , anxiety , or obsessive-compulsive disorder ) to happen with an eating disorder .
Common exams and tests for a possible eating disorder include:
A medical history of your physical and emotional health, present and past.
A physical exam , including checking your heart , lungs , blood pressure , weight , mouth , skin , and hair for problems from malnutrition.
Screening questions about your eating habits and how you feel about your health.
A mental health assessment , to check for depression or anxiety .
Blood tests , to check for signs of malnutrition.
X-rays , which can show whether your bones have been weakened ( osteopenia ) by malnutrition.
If your doctor thinks that you may have organ damage, doing heart or kidney tests can be helpful.
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