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11 jam yang lalu
It is horrible - I don't rarely use cuss words but get penalized - meaning Facebook refuses to post my message or suspend me for a day. Why? Because they hire political trolls from Russia (I assume or... idiots who can't read English). Enough already! You lie, FB, when you claim you are taking precaution
s. This is outrageous
. You allow people to hack into me (which I reported) but you do nothing. PS I got penalized tonight for saying, please don't use Social Security to pay for the damn deficit. Oh yeah, that was soooo evil?! Lihat Selengkapn
20 jam yang lalu
I recently made a post on another profile page of mine, asking other performers
if they would accept a paid booking from a club, if that Club was doing a racially insensitiv
e theme event called "Good ...Ole days of slavery". The post read, "if a club reached out to you because they wanted to do a throwback night to the "good old days of slavery" and wanted you to play one of the slaves on the plantation
for $500 would you do it? (open to whites to as long as they would do blackface)
". This was the EXACT posting. Facebook removed the post and blocked me on that page for 30 days because they said it attacks people based on race and claiming it violates their community standards.
I doubt human eyes actually read the post and I would like to respond to, and fight this block because asking this question as a topic of discussion
on my page should not penalize me. I feel at this point Facebook is over-censo
6 Februari 2018
I wish so much you would improve the selling on Marketplac
e. I wish when you wanted to edit a post it would edit it on all the sites you posted it on plus Marketplac
e. I wish when you were scrolling... down to look at your posts it would be so much faster to see them.. Also, when you change anything on the post as soon as you save the edit it bumps you back to the top of all your posts instead of letting you stay where you are. Hence you have to start all over finding your post you want to edit. Also, after you have been selling something for awhile if you so to search on it it no longer comes up in the search this page area. So, someone can go to the search this page and look for exactly what you are trying to sell and not find it because it has been on there awhile and will not come up. Make it better please. Lihat Selengkapn