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08 Feb 2018

Top informations about Moto Z Force Vs Samsung S8

Do we have a good one for you today  the Moto Z Force goes up against the new Samsung Galaxy S8 . The devices differ quite a bit in their design and materials  the Z Force uses an all-metal backing, and the Galaxy S8 now uses a metal frame that holds..., The Moto Z Force and the Samsung Galaxy S8 have a few things in common. The display on the Galaxy S8 is 0.3-inches larger, but the Moto Z Force is larger in physical size and weighs 8 grams heavier at 163 grams. The displays both have QHD (QHD+ on the...

08 Feb 2018

Top informations about Tv Lg Vs Samsung

Samsung, in my opinion is the better Smart TV. The interface of Smart TVs arent always user friendly but Samsung interface is pretty easy to get the hang of. This doesnt mean that all Samsung models are better than all Lg models because it really..., Youll have many people say Lg is better so it really comes down to what youre specifically looking for. Quality wise, if you choose the right models, both brands can offer high quality picture....

08 Feb 2018

Top informations about Samsung Vs Apple

Sudah bukan hal baru jika Samsung dan Apple berseteru. Saling tuntut berebut hak paten, atau bahkan saling sindir iklan produk terbarunya. Tapi antara Samsung Vs Apple, siapa raksasa sesungguhnya?..., Jika disuruh menyebutkan nama raksasa teknologi, pasti kamu akan terpikir Google, Apple, dan Samsung. Wajar karena memang ketiganya benar-benar mendominasi perkembangan teknologi saat ini. Setiap harinya kamu akan banyak menemukan orang menggunakan smartphone...Glass backs are back in vogue, with Apple, LG and HTC all ditching the aluminum unibody of last gen. For the iPhones and the V30, the choice was apparently made to allow for wireless charging, while HTC has basically said it just wanted to make the U11..., 2017 was the year that smartphone makers decided bezels weren't cool anymore, so most of the flagships squeeze more screen onto the front than ever. Samsung's latest Galaxy phones make the best use of space, with screens that wrap around the sides. Not...