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09 Feb 2018

Top informations about Facebook Hq

It is horrible - I don't rarely use cuss words but get penalized - meaning Facebook refuses to post my message or suspend me for a day. Why? Because they hire political trolls from Russia (I assume or... idiots who can't read English). Enough already!..., ". This was the EXACT posting. Facebook removed the post and blocked me on that page for 30 days because they said it attacks people based on race and claiming it violates their community standards....Spending time with family over the holidays can open your eyes to different perspectives and different opportunities.... I typically approach this time of year with old-school sensibilities, hoping for a restful holiday of bible readings, hymns, and...

09 Feb 2018

Top informations about Samsung Galaxy S8

The revolutionary design of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ begins from the inside out. We rethought every part of the phone's layout to break through the confines of the smartphone screen. So all you see is pure content and virtually no bezel. It's the biggest,..., Video of constellation in night sky both on the AOD screen of the Galaxy S8 and S+ screens as well as the background and the constellations moving with the phones...

09 Feb 2018

Top informations about Top Selling Cell Phones

Bringing up the rear for the best-selling mobile phone of all time is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Released in 2012, it shipped with Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich, and is widely hailed as being the first smartphone to kick off Samsung's domination of the..., The Motorola StarTAC is the oldest phone on the list, released in 1996, and is regarded as one of the first mobiles to truly enter the mainstream conscience, Selling more than 60 million....These lists, updated hourly, contain bestselling items. Here you can discover the best Unlocked Cell Phones in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the Top 100 most popular Amazon Unlocked Cell Phones....